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The most expensive kebab I ever had.

Okay, so this is the first in a long-promised series of posts regarding the food here in Russia… …and when I say long-promised I mean long-promised to myself and perhaps my dad. We’re a pair of hungry hungry hippos (although … Continue reading

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Well that’s a bit daft…

As you can see here, Saint Pete keeps his drainpipes close to┬áhis chest… er, buildings… Some of them then have open channels across the pavement to the road (which are invariably woefully inadequate for the amount of water they are … Continue reading

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I have nothing to prove…

…or so I always say, which makes me immune to dares and being called chicken. “Well that’s quite grown up.” you may be thinking, but I’d counter that a real grown-up shouldn’t really be concerned about being dared or called … Continue reading

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