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A tale of too shitty…

We recently went on a road trip to a small town, roughly three hours south of Saint Pete. And when I say “we”, I mean ten friends in two cars (neither of which is the one in the picture, btw… … Continue reading

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If power tends to corrupt…

A friend of mine was selling his car a few months ago, and one of the potential buyers wanted to check the underneath of the vehicle for rust… or bombs or something like that, I don’t know.

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There are lots of random fruits on Saint Pete’s Metro…

…and for previous readers of this blog, I’m not talking about the chaps in the homo-erotic headwear. [also for previous readers, I’d like to apologise that I make no apology for my last post being almost a year ago. It’s been … Continue reading

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They say to truly understand the Russian people you must know their history.

Fortunately for someone as research-shy as myself, the team at Epic Rap Battles have distilled this into a two and a half minute hip-hop track… Genius. Oh wow. I was just typing in the tags for this post and realised … Continue reading

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I really cannot overstate how warm, generous and helpful the Russian people are

Obviously, I’m generalising again… There are plenty who walk around with a face like a slapped arse and refuse to engage, but virtually everybody I’ve met and spoken to has been incredible (and I haven’t met Putin yet, but even … Continue reading

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Showing off… pa-Russki

So after leaving the girl standing at the bar (I have her business card and will talk to her again about work opportunities, but last night I thought it best to move on), and saying goodbye to my US consulate gang, … Continue reading

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The First Rule of English Club (and the Dangers of Generalisation)

So before moving in with Saint Pete I joined an international ex-pat website, and last night I went to my first organised event, English Club… Yeah yeah I know, it’s not going to help my Russian, but I figured it … Continue reading

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