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There are lots of random fruits on Saint Pete’s Metro…

…and for previous readers of this blog, I’m not talking about the chaps in the homo-erotic headwear. [also for previous readers, I’d like to apologise that I make no apology for my last post being almost a year ago. It’s been … Continue reading

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Aeroflot – Official Carrier of Manchester United. Whatever that means?…

…I’m honestly not sure (and as regular readers will be aware,  I have no inclination to do my research and find out)… Do Manchester United travel to all of their international games via Moscow?… because that can’t exactly be convenient. Do … Continue reading

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Embarrassing Bodies… usually my brain!

Whilst riding the Metro the other day (I was going somewhere, not just riding it for sport) I noticed this advert for something clearly medical… Now seeing the word ГЕМОРРОЯ in green on the middle left and knowing that Г … Continue reading

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Putinka, you stinker… or Crappy New Year!

Of course I am not maligning our glorious leader (not mine, but when in Rome, eh?), rather the drink which takes his name, which kinda takes us back to marketing… I think. Being fully aware that here in Russia Putin divides … Continue reading

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More Marketing Mayhem

At the risk of going off topic (I’m not sure that I’ve ever actually been on topic) and becoming a specialist marketing blog, today I have to quickly to share this Russian toothpaste with you. The toothpaste brand is called … Continue reading

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Lucky Days (for marketeers)

Being peckish (as I sometimes am) I decided to get myself something to nibble on, so I popped into one of the local supermarkets and these biscuits caught my eye… Lucky Days indeed… And although I didn’t know the word … Continue reading

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