About the Author (who shall remain nameless)

So Anglichanin is just a latinisation of Англичанин, which is Russian for Englishman… Rather splendidly it is also an anagram of Kaninchen (German for rabbit), hence the bunny ears!

Okay, so I’m an Englishman who enjoys making ridiculous claims about anagrams, just to see people’s faces as they work out I’m kidding… Obviously this works better in conversation than when I’ve typed all the letters out for you to see, but meh!… What else?

I’m a wordsmith, and originally moved to Russia to get away from the distractions of London, so I could concentrate on completing some of my many projects. Unfortunately I found that distractions are a global phenomenon. I still view the world with the eyes of a child, which may (or may not) be the best way to discover this intriguing country (and planet)… I will often refer to Saint Pete as some kind of benevolent elderly relative. You will notice if my feelings towards him change.

I claim that I don’t lie and this is very nearly the truth. I’m a hopeful romantic, an infernal optimist, a master procrastinator, a shy extrovert. I’m a contrarian, but I might not be. I’m self-diagnosed bi-polar (skewed heavily towards the manic end of the spectrum), but how can you trust the opinion of someone with no training in psychology (or indeed someone who is bi-polar)? I am a riddle inside an enigma wrapped around a brick. I am me, and all that entrails, but I ask that you be understanding. After all, I have to live with me.

And I’m remaining nameless, not because I intend to write anything particularly controversial (it’s a public blog, who knows who may be listening? *), but because my personal life is just that, personal… although my writing and life seem to infect each other, so we’ll see how long that lasts… and to be fair, those who know me will identify me easily enough through my posts.

In the meantime you can (hopefully) enjoy my wry take on life, the world and the things I do in it. Content is King… I am but a vessel.


[* haha – this is Russia, we know full well who is listening]

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