There are lots of random fruits on Saint Pete’s Metro…

4743472747…and for previous readers of this blog, I’m not talking about the chaps in the homo-erotic headwear.

[also for previous readers, I’d like to apologise that I make no apology for my last post being almost a year ago. It’s been a strange year… I may at some point tell you something about it, but don’t hold your breath… unless you are particularly into auto-asphyxiation]

Nope, I’m back to weird marketing (which considering I have no background in such, it may appear I am borderline obsessed with)
So the Metro stations here can be pretty deep and have long escalators. Long, slow, time-consuming escalators. And although on the down escalators there is an informal and unspoken London-esque ‘stand-on-the-right-so-that-people-who-actually-have-somewhere-to-be-can-get-there-and-not-stand-dawdling-for-five-minutes’ rule, the up escalators must simply be endured…

I guess that no Russian can imagine why you would actually want to expend energy walking up stairs that are already moving in that direction. Maybe Moscow is different, but Saint Pete likes to chill the f**k out. They even have little boxes at the bottom of the escalators, containing Russian women in uniform, whose sole purpose (as far as I can tell) is to shout at people sitting down on the escalators over the tannoy.

Anyway, with such a captive audience, it is no wonder that the escalators are full of posters advertising everything from restaurants to local businesses to cultural events…

IMG_1587…to fruit!

There is no text or anything else on these posters to suggest that they are promoting the fruit on behalf of any store or fruit marketing board (?), and the pictures are full of colour and the fruit looks fresh and appetising, unlike the fruit on the front of the biscuits I once bought.

Now you may think that this is simply a government initiative to encourage people to eat their five(or whatever other number your country thinks is a realistic goal)-a-day, but there are no vegetables involved, and anyone who knows enough Russians could tell you that there is no need to promote fruit to your typical Russian female… and that trying to encourage the stereotypical Russian male to embrace a healthy eating lifestyle would just be barking a dead horse up the wrong tree.


apologies for the poor focus, I was on a (slow) moving escalator, but still had to rush the shot.

And besides, there are also pictures of equally colourful birds and flowers. In fact I think you’d have more luck convincing most Russian males to eat the bird rather than the fruit. Parrot shashlik… Mmmmm.

I did consider that maybe they were promoting the quality of a local printing company, but I’ve inspected them closely and there isn’t even the slightest indication of where they were printed.

My last guess is that in the current economic climate there are not enough companies prepared to spend the money on advertising, so the fruit/birds/flowers are wheeled out to fill any embarrassing blank spaces, thus hiding this reality from the populace… This seems perfectly feasible, but if anyone knows the actual truth then I’m all ears in the comments… Or virtual ears, as comments are generally typed, so I guess I’m all eyes.

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3 Responses to There are lots of random fruits on Saint Pete’s Metro…

  1. Marta Frant says:

    The only purpose of these pictures I can think of is beauty. What a great way to make people’s lives brighter and nicer!


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