Going Native… or, Anglichanin in “not dead” shocker!

20110531-091644Nobody is more surprised than me!

Not in general… In general I’m sure there are many people who are more surprised than me.

It would be quite a big claim to suggest that I was the most surprised person in the world. Actually I think it is rather ridiculous to suggest that you are the most anything in the world. There can only be one “most” anything in the world, and to claim that you wholehearted believe that it is you, would seem to me just one step too far into either arrogance or blind naivety!

Having said that, I am clearly the best lover in the world!

No, I mean that nobody is more surprised than me that I’m not dead. Actually, I’m surprised I’ve made it this long! Before I came I told friends that it would be irresponsible to let me leave. They thought I was joking…

Sorry I’ve fallen out of touch. I’ve been integrating… Although for this to be true then I would have had to do three weeks of integrating from back in the UK when I was renewing my visa.

But I have perfected my Russian look… My Russian friends think I am suffering from depression.

And if I’m honest, there are probably few Russians who would mistake me for one of them…

But they see my face and know not to mess!

I’ve even been complimented on my accent several times… Sadly it was my English accent I was complimented on.

– Hello…
– Wow, you speak English really well
– Thanks, I’ve been practicing for a long time
– You almost don’t sound Russian!
– Almost?

I swear I had this exact same conversation with two groups of English guys (one ex-pat and one tourist) on the same night!

But actually the “native” in the title refers to me being a native English speaker. Apparently this makes me a valuable commodity in the education market.

They have made me responsible for children! I have tried to point out that I am neither responsible, nor any kind of teacher in the traditional sense of the word…

So they gave me more groups to teach. One of my students is actually an English teacher. This cannot end well…

Yes, of course this is where the post ends… Not well!
Haven’t you been following?

About Anglichanin

Anglichanin is a pen name. It is the name I have called my pen. For more useful information please read 'About the Author'.
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