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They say to truly understand the Russian people you must know their history.

Fortunately for someone as research-shy as myself, the team at Epic Rap Battles have distilled this into a two and a half minute hip-hop track… Genius. Oh wow. I was just typing in the tags for this post and realised … Continue reading

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Happy (belated) Birthday Ma’am!

A little bit late, I know, but I couldn’t post on her actual birthday because I was at the British consulate attending a birthday party in her honour. Yes, me, your faithful Anglichanin, nobbing my hobs (still no biscuits by … Continue reading

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The most expensive kebab I ever had.

Okay, so this is the first in a long-promised series of posts regarding the food here in Russia… …and when I say long-promised I mean long-promised to myself and perhaps my dad. We’re a pair of hungry hungry hippos (although … Continue reading

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There are no gangsters in Russia, fact!… or, Friction

A bold statement you may think, but there is a very simple logic which proves this beyond any reasonable doubt.

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Going Native… or, Anglichanin in “not dead” shocker!

Nobody is more surprised than me! Not in general… In general I’m sure there are many people who are more surprised than me. It would be quite a big claim to suggest that I was the most surprised person in … Continue reading

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