What says ‘Easter’ more than an Easter bunny surrounded by eggs?

FunnyBunnyCutoutObviously an Easter bunny with two large phalluses… surrounded by eggs.

Or at least that seems to be the case according to the website of supermarket chain Prisma this week.

[Easter is celebrated on different dates by Orthodox and Unorthodox(???) churches, so this year the Orthodox one is next weekend which is why the penis bunny is still there. Apparently there is even some dissent within the Orthodox camp between the new calendarists (who favour use of the Gregorian calendar) and the… oh who cares! They have all this time to debate what date Easter should be, yet not one of them questions whether it’s really feasible for a man who has been crucified to death and left in a cave for three days to suddenly come back to life, escape the cave, and appear only to a chosen few… “Oh yeah, I definitely saw him! He was a really good mate of mine which is why he came to me, you know.”]

FunnyBunnyAnyway, Prisma is a Finnish company and is the only place in town that sells my (new) favourite cereal…

I used to be a Crunchy Nut Cornflakes kinda guy, but since I realised that the Tesco version are thicker and crunchier, the Kelloggs ones just don’t compare… And although I could easily get the Kelloggs ones over here, I haven’t seen a Tesco within a hundred yards (which is really quite freaky come to think of it)…

My new favourite cereal is a kinda (Finnish I assume) granola-y thing with dried red fruits and yogurt covered bits of something or other… Sadly it’s only available in the bigger stores and the ones (actually the only one I know of) in walking distance is a bit ickle, meaning I have to make a special trip out of town on the metro for cereal… Which seems a bit indulgent.

Anyway, if you didn’t feel like you ate enough chocolate eggs last weekend, then take heart, become more orthodox, and keep eating them… In the meantime, our rabbit-y friend will probably be at it like two bunnies… So it looks like we can all be a bit indulgent this weekend.

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