Spring Sprang… But Winter Bit Back

IMG_0800It got warmer…
Just a little at first, but noticeably so. Average temperatures rose from minus something stupid to around 3 degrees. It felt warm. I didn’t need my most wintry jacket, or sometimes even to fasten my next most wintry jacket.

The rivers and canals started to unfreeze [I know there’s a better word for it, but that’s what you’re getting]. Then last week we had a good few days with temperatures around 15 degrees. Heatwave! All the ice disappeared, except for the small piece you can see in the foreground of this picture for some ungodly reason.

[The building with the gold roof is Peter and Paul Fortress by the way… I can just imagine how that conversation went: My name’s Peter… My name’s Paul… Shall we build a fortress?… Yeah, alright then!]

Anyway, I must say that I wasn’t as happy about the weather change as you might have expected. My first visit to Saint Pete was in February last year, and for some reason I’m happy with the thought of him covered in snow. Plus, I hadn’t done all the things I wanted to do over the winter… including getting a picture of the river all frozen into crystalline form like Superman’s Fortress of Solitude (that probably didn’t involve a conversation, what with being a Fortress of Solitude…).

Actually I’m not sure that the river froze that way this year. Last year it was awesomely beautiful, so I wanted a picture for the lovely readers of this very blog, but in January when I was last down by the river it was disturbingly flat, so unworthy of my photographic attentions.

So, whilst publicly bemoaning the retreat of winter and privately enjoying the warmth of the sun on my face, I pooh-poohed those who said that the warm spell was ending because I thought temperatures would just go back to single positive figures which had actually felt pretty warm.

IMG_0819Then yesterday they dropped like a stone. It was minus 11 with wind-chill and at around midnight was blowing a blizzard.

This was the street on which I had previously seen the horse, and whilst trying to take this shot a Russian girl saw me and started to demand money because I had taken a photo of her.

I was actually waiting for her to get out of the way before taking the photo, but she was having none of it and got quite aggressive, almost to the point of standing in my way so I couldn’t get past.

I had no interest in showing her that I had no photo of her as she’d probably have punched me in the face and robbed my phone, so I put on a look of utter disdain and told her firmly in Russian that I was taking a picture of the snow. This had the desired effect, sort of… She probably thought I was a bit of a weirdo for photographing snow in Russia, but I knew she was a bit of a weirdo for demanding money from a stranger taking pictures in the street.

She stopped pursuing me, which was just as well because my next trick was going to be demanding money from her for ruining my photo opportunity… When in Rome Rodney, when in Rome.

Anyway, I’m glad it got cold again, because it has shown me the error of my ways in claiming I preferred the winter. Please can it get warm again…

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