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Some people just can’t Hackett

Whilst in Sochi I decided to do my first bungee jump… This is a lie. I actually decided not to do the jump because it was a hundred quid and I couldn’t really afford it… I also harboured the romantic … Continue reading

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I’m not entirely convinced that Praying Mantises are actually Praying you know.

Firstly (as far as I am aware), mantes (you can use both forms, I checked for once) have never developed any method of written communication, so the passing of knowledge between generations must be fairly limited. In addition their brains can’t … Continue reading

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Aeroflot – Official Carrier of Manchester United. Whatever that means?…

…I’m honestly not sure (and as regular readers will be aware,  I have no inclination to do my research and find out)… Do Manchester United travel to all of their international games via Moscow?… because that can’t exactly be convenient. Do … Continue reading

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Spring Sprang… But Winter Bit Back

It got warmer… Just a little at first, but noticeably so. Average temperatures rose from minus something stupid to around 3 degrees. It felt warm. I didn’t need my most wintry jacket, or sometimes even to fasten my next most … Continue reading

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A thought struck me…

…not hard, but it was swiftly followed by another, and the cumulative effect has shamed me into posting. Which leaves me with another thought… “I really shouldn’t need to be shamed into posting” Anyway, lets start off with the first … Continue reading

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