A real life Barbie Doll?

9564095It isn’t an easy life looking like a living doll… or so this young lady would have you believe, claiming to have a lot of what the internet generation would describe as “haters”

She’s actually Ukrainian rather than Russian, but… well, until recently nobody really knew the difference, and give it some time and there may be a similar state of affairs once more.

Anyway, that’s not really my point… so I’m not going to link to her website or even tell you her name, but if all you care about is perving over impossibly proportioned blondes then I’m sure it won’t take much Googling (or Yandexing, for the sake of the Russian monopolies commission).

Instead I am going to question whether this is actually what a real life Barbie would look like? My case is as follows…

barbieAngelaMerkel_03xlOkay, so here is an actual person in doll form as portrayed by Mattel (makers of Barbie)… and when it was first released (back in 2009) I was astounded to find out who it was meant to be.

I found it great fun (well it’s all relative isn’t it?) to pose the question to friends and family, gradually giving clues until I (almost inevitably) had to give the game away completely.

First clue is the (problem) hair (because the face and figure are red herrings to say the least)… And if that didn’t help then I would further say that it was a political figure… and finally that the yellow cloth in the background (bottom right) is part of a flag.

Yes, of course… It’s German chancellor, Angela Merkel! I’m amazed more people didn’t get it straight away.

article-2227439-0E8CDDED00000578-740_468x679Now bearing in mind that in real life Angela Merkel looks like this…

…I would argue that Barbie herself probably has a similar level of artistic liberty taken in Mattel’s interpretation.

So I would propose that in real life, rather than Barbie looking like the wide-eyed hourglass blonde at the top of the page, she could very easily have been fashioned after…

[hold onto your stomachs. this is more than a trifle unsettling. you have been warned]

Katie-Hopkins-gets-naked-in-front-of-rugby-team-and-asks-for-their-opinion-on-her-body…well, someone more like this.

For international readers and those who may not be aware of who this person is, I can assure you that it is not a man in drag…

No really, it isn’t.

I think I’ve shown (beyond any reasonable doubt) that it is a pretty accurate representation of what Barbie really looked like (she’s dead now of course – Barbie, not this lady).

And don’t even get me started on Ken.

My apologies that this post is barely Russian in nature… I originally mis-remembered that the “Real Life Barbie” was Russian, and I didn’t want to deprive you of another post purely on the basis of political geography.

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