Karma Comedian (or… I’ve got Hips but I’m not a Hippie!)

white-lotus-flower-picsI love Karma!…

As a concept I mean. Obviously the idea that the universe is keeping tabs on everything that every single living creature does, in order to dole out just rewards somewhere down the line, is patently absurd.

As a child I heard my mother telling me that “Life isn’t fair, so you’d better get used to it!” so many times that if I were a more spiritual person it would have become some kind of mantra… and a mantra utterly incompatible with karma or spiritualism… I would be a spiritual contradiction, naturally.

But conceptually karma must be compelling to anybody with a sense of fair play.

I have always rallied against perceived injustice (a trait I am glad to say is shared by my 12 year old nephew), which might be why my mum was so often telling me that life isn’t fair? Although if I am to be fair, it’s probably more likely that I just wanted some sweets/a comic/to go out and play in the street… remember when kids used to play in the street? Luckily back then the streets were safe because all the perverts were on the telly.

Whatever, the majority of us want to believe that bad people will be punished someday, somehow, and that ultimately the rest of us will be rewarded for our good deeds… Sadly in this life bad things happen to good people, and bad people bend the system to benefit themselves and get ahead as a result.

I feel that my karmic account (should such a thing exist) has a healthy credit, but such a lot of red-tape regarding withdrawals that I may as well not have opened it in the first place. Knowing that one has done a good deed must be reward enough.

Obey_Karma_by_roberlanBut here is my favourite thing about karma. If we all believed in it (actually we don’t have to really believe in it, just act as though we do), then it would exist!

Think about it… If everybody went about their lives doing things for the benefit of others, then some of those things would end up being for the benefit of you.

Instant Karma!

Now if only we could find someone to organise us all?

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Anglichanin is a pen name. It is the name I have called my pen. For more useful information please read 'About the Author'.
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