Merry Russian Christmas… (for yesterday)

IMG_0562…and as you can see it was as white as I’d anticipated.

Other than that though it didn’t seem very special at all… Ignore my picture looking quite festive (I went out into minus 16 wind chill again just to get some snaps for you) as the tree you can see here is a New Year tree.

Admittedly the difference is debatable, but honestly you’d almost never have known it was Christmas at all.

All the shops were open and the Russians have been basically been partying since New Year anyway. I saw one of my neighbours who hasn’t stopped drinking since then (although even she did admit that it was becoming hard work).

Personally I managed to put my disappointing New Year behind me on Saturday with a session which started at 6pm with some Boddingtons in an English bar (because my UK guests wanted to watch some football), then progressed to Long Island Iced Teas and dancing until 6am.

I’m going to assume (because I managed more than the piffling 3 hours of NYE) that they didn’t use Putinka vodka in the cocktails, although I’ve been informed that there actually weren’t any fireworks for New Years so maybe I’m doing it a disservice. And in fairness the cold makes my vision go funny at the best of times.

IMG_0558Most festively decorated shop goes to Netto (Н = N) to the right of this picture (Almost said left… I think the cold is affecting my sense of direction too)… although of course that was for New Year too, so doesn’t count.

Maybe the cold is affecting my counting ability?

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