I’m dreaming of two white Christmas(ish)es

IMG_0530My apologies for the extended absence. I’ve been back to the UK for Christmas (and as everybody knows, we don’t have access to the internet over there… ummm).

This is what it looked like on Boxing Day.

So to all intents and purposes I had as much of a white Christmas as we Brits ever tend to get.

As luck would have it Saint Pete celebrates Christmas on the 7th January, so now I’m back I’ll get to do it all over again… But without the presents, family, meal, etc etc.

IMG_0535What I may still have is the snow… This is what it looks like today…

Incidentally the first picture I put here was taken out of my window, but that isn’t exactly the most picturesque vista of Saint Pete (or even the second most picturesque), and I thought I should really do better so I went out especially to take (what became) this shot.

And yes it does seem a little incongruous that I won’t bother my arse to check a website and research my facts, but I’ll happily get my outdoor gear on and stroll around looking for photo opportunities.

…anyway, this is no guarantee that there will be snow for Christmas. It’s supposed to rain on Friday, the temperature is back above freezing (it was minus twelve when I got back here yesterday), and there even seems to be some sunshine heading our way.

But I have my fingers crossed… We’re back down to minus 8 and a 50% chance of snow on Sunday, and by Tuesday it’s supposed to get down to minus 16. Why on earth does this make me happy? I am in a peculiar mood today.

Anyway, before all that I have tonight to get through. It’s New Years Eve, which is a far bigger event than Christmas over here. The main street is cordoned off to traffic, and by midnight will be packed with drunken revellers. I intend to be one of them.

I am just going outside, and may be some time.

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