For a country with laws against promoting gay-ism…

IMG_0484…they sure do wear some homo-erotic headgear!

And that was pretty much all I wanted to put in this post. Simple, short and pointless… But that was over six weeks ago, just after I moved here and first saw someone on the street sporting one of these black leather baseball caps.

Sadly it’s taken me until now to surreptitiously get a shot of someone wearing one without risking getting punched… and to be honest it wouldn’t have taken much for this guy to look up and notice that I wasn’t actually typing a text message (I am no actor, I promise you that).

But what do you know, like London buses you wait six weeks and then…

IMG_0485…three come along at once!

I’m not sure that I’d even seen these other two variants before (or at least I’d certainly not considered using them for this post), but seriously, after waiting all that time I managed to get all of these pictures in a single Metro journey (what is it they say about good things?).

Oh hang on… I’m not suggesting that… I mean I was looking for men with leather caps and… Perhaps we should go back to the buses metaphor. It was a lot safer. Whatever, I wasn’t going to waste the pictures.

Please note that there is no suggestion that any of these men are [insert the currently favoured euphemism here], they are (almost) certainly not. And if they were then I’m sure that they would be deeply embarrassed with themselves and in no way recommend the lifestyle to minors. (Erm… Hope that covers all legal bases? I don’t want anyone to be wrongly persecuted on my account… after the UK the majority of my hits come from the Russian Federation)

IMG_0487I’m simply trying to point out the irony that were these hats worn in western society, they would potentially carry with them certain connotations that the wearers in these pictures may find leave an unpleasant taste in the mouth… (yeah yeah okay, even I can’t believe I went there!)

However in the interests of balance I should point out that the young, educated and beautiful Russian people (let’s call them the one’s that I know) don’t have any such prejudice, and I don’t think I’ve ever met a gay person who gave a rat’s ass about what anyone who was old, stupid or ugly thought…

Which of course in itself is a stereotype, though hopefully neither negative or positive (because of course I can get in trouble here <in Russia/online> for either!). Phew, this is a minefield. You see why I try to avoid contentious subjects…

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