More Marketing Mayhem

At the risk of going off topic (I’m not sure that I’ve ever actually been on topic) and becoming a specialist marketing blog, today I have to quickly to share this Russian toothpaste with you.

The toothpaste brand is called Splat Special (which I thought was worthy of mention in itself) and it claims to be a whitening toothpaste for sensitive teeth… but it then goes on to completely blow my mind (and potentially throw into question my theories on the whole lychee/strawberry debacle from the other lucky day).

IMG_0476They were either pitching for something else completely, or at some point came over with the most astonishing case of honesty ever known in marketing circles, but the product has inexplicably been called Magnolia… Hardly an image one wants to associate with a whitening toothpaste!

But they don’t just leave it there… Oh no, they follow that up with a strapline which (okay maybe I’m being a bit disingenuous here and I kinda can see what they were trying to say) to me sounds like a straight out admission that the product doesn’t work.

You’ll have to click the image to zoom in, because otherwise I’m pretty sure there’s no way you’ll believe me (and incidentally the other side of the tube looks/reads exactly the same but in Russian), but just below MAGNOLIA it says “Recommended… specially for those who believe in miracles”

Pure… Marketing… Genius… they might as well have called it Truthpaste!

It belongs to my flatmate, so I’ll have to ask her about the miracles later.

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