I love the snow… which is lucky.

IMG_0456So this was the scene which greeted me as I left the bar (not as late as originally feared) where I was DJing on Tuesday night. (Points if anyone can identify which bar it was from this picture… In fact, points for anyone who dares to make the first comment on any of my blog posts!)

Yes, it’s snowing again, but I’m not sure whether this will set in for the whole winter yet or not? Certainly the mercury isn’t due to head above zero in the 10 day forecast that my weather app provides, and it also suggests more snow next week, so fingers crossed…

I prefer my snow covering stupidly steep mountains of course, but I think anyone with a love of snowboarding or skiing secretly feels a little bit of warmth in their heart at the sight of any snow… And trust me there will be lots of snow here over the winter.

I can’t wait for the River Neva to freeze, partly because then the bridges don’t open (d’uh, for boats which can’t pass?), and partly because it was frozen in February when I first came here and takes on the most stunning crystalline form (a bit like superman’s fortress of solitude), so I want to take some photos of it to show you.

The other thing that my weather app reminded me was how short the days are here… Today the sun came up at 10:23 and left again at 17:09… Less than 7 hours of daylight, and when I say the sun came up it didn’t come up very high and was obscured by clouds the whole day.

It tires you out. You constantly want to take a nap… Or you constantly take a nap… which doesn’t leave a lot of time for writing blog posts or film scripts.

Still working out how to address this. I think I may be starting to get used to it, but my Russian tutor says that she would happily stay in bed all day at this time of year… So she’s leaving for sunnier climes.

Which doesn’t help me on a number of levels. At least I have the snow to look at.

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