Of course they have Ikea here, they aren’t savages you know!

IMG_0404Now those of you who’ve been paying attention will remember that backwards N equals I, so this is indeed the Swedish behemoth (and incidentally the strapline below says ‘for your home’ but there’re too many letters for me to bother… oh okay, it says ‘D-l-ya v-a-sh-e-v-o d-o-m-a’. This is slightly complicated because… tell you what I’ll use artistic licence, stick my end bracket here and continue the explanation in a new paragraph as though I hadn’t started to parenthesise. This isn’t really a Cyrillic post but I’ve gone in too deep now…)

…because I’ve converted both в and г to V (you can click the image to enlarge it and see the original Russian text but if you’re as lazy as I can be then it says ‘Для вашего домо’).  The first one is correct (well obviously they’re both correct) as г is actually a G, but is sometimes pronounced as V (like here). Not very often and without apparent rhyme or reason, you just have to learn it.

You may also notice that I’ve given two different sounds to the letter о in the last word. Again this is not a mistake. All words in Russia have a stress (which again seems to follow no logical pattern and must just be learnt), and vowel sounds change depending on whether they are stressed or not. Only one о in a word can be stressed, so all the others will sound more like a, thus a word like good (хорошо) is pronounced harasho and not horror-show as may be expected, which coincidentally is exactly what this can make trying to spell and/or pronounce words in Russian.

But as promised this isn’t really a Cyrillic alphabet post. The massive Ikea was part of an even more massive mall called Mega… And the name is particularly apt. I only went there for the Ikea (which was heavenly… I’m a sad man, I know) but I got off the bus too early so had to walk the length of it (although had no time to explore the depth) and bumped into some old friends from the UK… Who’d have thunk it? Pictures below.


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