How the mighty have fallen…

IMG_0289I’m talking of course about 5ive, or as they are known internationally (and hence here in Russia) Five. I’ve always thought this a far better name than Fiveive, which makes no real sense at all and is a bit of a mouthful all told.

Anyway, come the 22nd of November they’ll be headlining the event advertised here at the Super Discotheque 90x (I’ve done the translation for you as there are some tricky new letters we haven’t learnt yet in this one).

I’d almost be tempted to go just to hear them play Keep On Moving, which (whatever your opinion of manufactured boybands – and mine tends towards the extremely derogatory) is still an incredible pop song.

However the more observant amongst you will have noticed that they aren’t actually headlining, but co-headlining… with Crazy Frog (a manufactured cartoon character, whose pop career was based solely on an incredibly annoying ring-tone).

And 2 Unlimited get lower billing than the frog?!?

Fiveucking Fiveantastic!

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