They are not children, they are monsters

Children-MonstersHaving sung the praises of the Russian people I feel that I should point out there is one caveat.

The kids are absolute horrors… and they’ve been off school the past week so infested my accommodation like a plague of (insert your own offensive word here, my choice would pertain to their parentage or lack thereof).

See, 4th November (Unity Day) has been a traditional national¬†holiday in Russia since 2005, replacing an earlier holiday on November 7th (Day of Accord and Reconciliation) which was celebrated in the 1990s (post Perestroika) then removed by Boris Yeltsin. This in turn replaced ‘The Day of Great October Socialist Revolution’, celebrated during Soviet times (also on November 7th for some reason I can’t be bothered to research).

Anyway, the Russian people seemed to like a holiday in November so Putin created Unity Day, much to the chagrin of the Communist Party, who (according to Wikipedia, so we won’t give it too much credence) still celebrate on the 7th… So if I have any Communist Party readers then Happy (is this appropriate?) Day of Great October Socialist Revolution.

Whatever, the place I was staying was crawling with kids. Crawling?… Screaming, running, shouting, unable to aim their little tinkles at the toilet and seemingly never taught how to flush, more like… And when I say kids I’m talking about a mix of ages from around 12 to 16. The teachers escorting them seemed unable (or unwilling) to exert any control, so I was quite glad that the place was full and I had to leave.

A few days later I came back to find another bunch of kids, who were a little bit quieter but still displayed an unfathomable lack of toilet training for their age. Fortunately I was again only staying a few days as I had a trip planned with some friends to visit their parents in a nearby town. However I didn’t want to take all my luggage with me so left the majority in a locked storage room (and foolishly my medication in the fridge).

On my return there were yet another bunch of (this time slightly older) kids… you guessed it… still running, screaming, unhygienic, and this time thieving (suspected though unproven).

Other guests food went missing from the fridge whilst I was away, but more pertinently someone had also removed my medication. It won’t do them any good as it’s to lower my immune system (which
works a bit too well), so I hope the little (again, use your imagination here) try to use it and die of a common cold.

Obviously I don’t really hope anybody dies, but to misquote The Who, “The kids are all shite!”

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