A new look…

…has been thrust upon me (and hence dear reader, also you). Worry not, it’s a good thing.

This is due to the (not so unique) way that WordPress is funded… this is my promised rant, so in honesty nobody really needs to read it. I won’t say anything interesting about Russia or anything else. Just venting my frustrations in public.

You see, when you start a new blog you get to pick a theme, and there are hundreds, some free some “premium”. I chose a free one because it really didn’t make sense throwing cash at the design of a blog based on written content, when it would be much better spent on having the adventures to write the content about.

But it seems to me that the free themes WordPress are currently producing are designed to work not quite properly. So on Twenty Thirteen (my initial theme) there were customisation options, but no way to move my title into the blue sky area of the header image and no way to change the ridiculously, obnoxiously, unusably oversized font used for post headings.

Or rather there was, but you had to fork out $30 a year for the custom design upgrade… Except you can’t do that. I know because I tried… It’s still advertised in the WordPress store, but when you try to purchase it you are only given the choice to upgrade to the premium package ($99 per year) or the business package (more than that, let’s say $299 per year but I can’t be arsed to check).

I took the free two week trial to see if it would allow me to customise the theme to my liking. And it kinda did, but that spoiled the look of the site on mobile devices (and required me to relearn how to code html style sheets).

Okay, I’m already boring myself here, so long story short… I changed theme to Twenty Ten which is far more usable, I’m guessing because four years ago WordPress weren’t so bothered about forcing people into paid upgrades, so offered free themes which worked out of the metaphorical box.

And needless to say, finding out how to cancel the free trial upgrade (and then doing it before I got charged) was harder than signing up for it.

Incidentally I achieved all this over a business lunch (бизнес-ланч : biznes-lanch) consisting of three courses and a drink for… I was going to say three quid, but actually with the exchange rate still swinging in my favour it was more like two-pound-fifty!

Oh dammit… I’ve gone and said something about Russia, which (if anybody pays any attention to me) nobody will ever read.

About Anglichanin

Anglichanin is a pen name. It is the name I have called my pen. For more useful information please read 'About the Author'.
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