So called motivational/inspirational posters

IMG_0325Don’t get me wrong, there are some fantastic motivational and inspirational quotes written by some great (and some less celebrated) people… It’s just that the ones which make it onto walls via the medium of the postcard/poster tend to be a bit trite, vapid and/or just plain bobbins.

Take the one just right of centre in this picture… Be a Fruit Loop in a world full of Cheerios.

At first look it seems harmless enough and perhaps even seems to have potential value… Certainly the inherent suggestion that you shouldn’t follow the crowd is one I heartily agree with. And if we assume that Cheerio pertains to the English usage meaning ‘goodbye’, then I fully advocate not aligning oneself with a world of people saying “Goodbye” (i.e. not engaging).

But then the writer seems to have been so happy with his/her “world full of Cheerios” analogy, that he/she has then shoehorned the rest of the phrase into the ill-fitting cereal theme. Desperately searching for another breakfast dish with a more positive double meaning, we end up being served Fruit Loops?!? Really?…

If this is purporting to act as a metaphor for individuality (and I’m trying to be generous to the writer here) then it is tenuous at best. To me it reads ‘Be a Nutjob in a world full of Miserable Gits’, and if those are the only two options then yeah, I’d be the Nutjob, but those aren’t the only two options.

It’s even been drawn out as though written by a child in an attempt to convey a certain innocence… And if it was written by a child (of under 10 years old) then perhaps I’m being a little harsh (in which case ‘good attempt, but think harder about the meaning next time’), but I’m prepared to wager that it wasn’t… And I know there are numerous internet types claiming it came from their child, but it smacks of wanky writer to me!

It’d have been better if they’d gone with Golden Grahams! Although I think we can all agree that as a name for a cereal that really is bobbins…

IMG_0272However on a different wall of the same hostel I found this…

Which I am now using as justification for everything I do, and to calm the existential dilemma of why I don’t feel like a grown-up… It’s okay, I’m allowed. I asked Jeeves.

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