Cyrillic Alpha Better

I so want to tell you that this guy’s name is Timmy Hobnob, but following a ‘Cease and Desist’ action from his legal representatives I am now contractually obliged to point out that he is actually called Timur Novikov… в = V, C? Erm, see? And н = N, and backwards N (и) = I… there will be a test on this later so it is important that you learn it!

I’ll put up some more examples at a later date (yeah, I can tell you can’t wait for that!), but actually it doesn’t take too long to get used to because many shop and restaurant signs are in both latin and cyrillic alphabets. Some letters are the same, some (like those mentioned above) are specifically designed to catch you out, and some have sounds that don’t exist (or use two or more letters) in English, but after a while it really does become second nature.

I’ve also been informed that if I don’t remove this picture…
…then McVities will have my guts for garters, but “meh,” I’m a fly by the seat of my pants kinda guy.

Maybe it will help if I mention that Milk Chocolate Hobnobs are my all time favourite biscuit?… At University I would often pop up to the local KwikSave (sadly missed) and for 67 pence a packet of these would easily substitute for an entire meal. And I miss them, so if anyone knows where I can get some in St Petersburg then do please tell… Or if McVities are willing to send me a box or three then I’ll happily mention them in every post from now on (*)!

Incidentally, it was only when I was thinking of suitable titles for this post that I realised the word ‘Alphabet’ is basically just a concatenation of the first two letters of the Greek alphabet (Alpha and Beta, in case, you know, you didn’t know)… I feel such a fool for not noticing this before. It seems so obvious now I see it. Did everyone else realise this long ago?… Or is it one of those words which is so familiar that most people overlook its origins (as I did until now)?

Please say “yes” and make me feel less stoopid!

* Well maybe not every post.

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