Weather or not we’ve reached double figures?

Well the past few days has seen the temperature rise dramatically (?) to eleven (I almost typed elven, good job that didn’t make it into the blog) degrees… but it’s been raining on and off. Think I preferred the cold, at least you know where you are with that.

Then today we had clear blue skies and the mercury topped out at 12. I wore my summer jacket… until the sun dropped and the wind picked up. The next week will level off at around 8 degrees.

How very English of me to comment on the weather… They say we (as a nation… oops, there I go generalising again) are weather obsessed because we have an awful lot of it, but that’s nothing compared to here. Perhaps that’s why it is also a popular topic of conversation in Russia.

I have got some more interesting topics (interesting to whom exactly is thus far unclear) to post but the photos are still on my phone so I’ll let iCloud do it’s business overnight and hopefully find time to post them tomorrow… between apartment hunting. I suppose that should really have been my first priority when I got here. Have already extended my hostel/hotel period twice (and moving again tomorrow), but I’ve roped in some helpers to navigate the Russian language property websites, fake ads to scam foreigners (and I suppose unwary locals), and my own general lack of organisation.

I may even manage to sort out the site design. WordPress clearly make their templates almost great in a deliberate ploy to scam foreigners out of the custom design fee?!?… So I’m gonna hafta bite the bullet and pay the $30 a year (yeah I know but I’m self funding a move to Russia). In which case it almost becomes worth telling people I’ve started a blog.

About Anglichanin

Anglichanin is a pen name. It is the name I have called my pen. For more useful information please read 'About the Author'.
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