What time is it?

When I first visited St Pete back in February there was a 4 hour time difference. Then when the UK clocks went forward in spring the ones here didn’t… they didn’t need to. We are so far north here that during the summer there is a period called ‘white nights’ when the sun never gets far enough below the horizon for it to get properly dark… And incidentally I can’t wait to be here for that.

So when I woke up this morning and my phone read 6.40am I figured I had another couple of hours sleep at least. But my watch said 7.40am (still early, but slightly confusing). Now my watch sometimes resets itself to midnight on 1st January sometime in the early 90s (it’s vintage, not old!), but for it to be exactly an hour out (and still reading the same date) was a bit odd.

Maybe my phone (and it seemed my laptop) had a setting wrong which thought the clocks should go back?…

So I checked the interweb, and apparently the clocks have gone back, so there is still the 3 hour difference that there has been all summer. So it seems in Saint Pete clocks only go backward, not forward.

Perhaps even more bizarrely, for the next three years they aren’t going to change at all, which should mean a 2 hour difference in summer and a 3 hour difference in winter.

Now obviously that’s all fine, it’s their city and they can do what they like. But I do wonder if they didn’t have enough time to sort all this out before I came? Or have they deliberately decided to mess about with it now just for a bit of a giggle at my expense?

And have I had the extra hours sleep that I was due, or have I spent so long working out what was going on (and now writing about it) that it’s been utterly wasted?

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