And what on earth are they feeding these verdamte chickens?

So due to the breakfast where I’m staying being almost completely pointless, I got myself some eggs to scramble…

I broke a couple yesterday and one looked like it could have been a double-yolker, but I’d not broken it very cleanly, so I couldn’t be completely sure and thought nothing more of it… Then this morning…

Two eggs, four yolks, plus the three from yesterday… The eggs are big I’ll admit, but I’ve eaten three sets of potentially twin chickens in the last two days. I’ll keep an eye on it but something seems a bit fishy to me… No hang on, that can’t be right.

And if those eggs had been fertilised and not eaten by me, would anyone have realised that the chickens were twins? Can you even get twin chickens? I wouldn’t have though there was room (even in the big eggs) for two to comfortably survive, so would one of the embryos have devoured the other? Or would they both have come out all small, withered and undernourished, destined to die before they got to really live?

Where would I find out about this stuff? I mean yes, obviously there’s the internet, but who would I ask? And why do I care?

My scrambled eggs were nice anyway.

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